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SRM and Wuggeh! SRM and Wuggeh!

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Strangely enjoyable for what it was.

Considering the fact that the jokes didn't appeal to my sense of humour I found this flash strangely enjoyable. There were a lot of poor things about this flash, but somehow what you had managed to work. My main complaint about the movie would be that it was too short and nothing much really took place in it. A few cracks were made and then it was all over before I felt it really got started. I would have liked to have seen an actual plot, but I'm guessing this is something I'll be seeing in some of your other SRM flashes.

Back to the bad elements of this movie. I didn't like how there were a number of different graphical styles for different objects. Thick lines for SRM, thin lines for objects and squiggly paintbrush for the cat. It made everything look out of place, although you may have been aiming for this. The audio levels for the voice and sound effects seemed to be a little too high and the dialogue was somewhat distorted. This was possibly due to the mouth being too close to the microphone.

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Battosai810 responds:

One thing you might notice - SRM's jaw actually flushes with his body, instead of partially overlapping it like in the newer cartoons. As a result, there's a hastily scribbled layer over it all where I fill in the gap every frame. It's a gradient too and doesn't line up with anything.

This was still before I had a really solid art style, so your remarks about the disparaging visuals is right on the dot. This was still during the early period when my microphone was absolute garbage, and I didn't know how to turn up audio quality in Flash.

I like that you're going through all my cartoons in roughly chronological order. It's fun for me to read your reviews on them!

Jebby Tells a Story Jebby Tells a Story

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Nothing I haven't seen before.

The style of the flash just seemed to be a bunch of random events strung together along with some poor graphics. I've seen many flashes like this before and I can't say it's really something I like seeing. I got the impression that this flash may have been done in jest, but it's not always so easy to tell. I felt this was especially the case for this flash as usually such joke flashes tend to have really crazy things going on with the graphics, or will feature some sort of well-animated crudely-drawn graphic. Neither of these were present here. There was the fact that one of the lines making up the door wasn't straight, as well as a line that randomly moved to a different position on the wooden floor. However, this wasn't still enough to make it apparent whether this was a total joke or not as they were very subtle errors. The humour wasn't my cup of tea either, so I was unable to enjoy the essence of the movie.

Again, the voices were difficult to understand, so the inclusion of subtitles was a relief. The famous white line from your early work also appeared at the top of the screen during the credits. My final complaint about this flash is that I'd have preferred a play button to replay the movie at the end of the credits instead of it ending with a white screen.

If this whole flash was done in jest then I wouldn't mind seeing another attempt at such a movie from you. It would be interesting to see how you've improved your skills over the years at trying to make a bad flash.

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Battosai810 responds:

If you want to see my attempts at intentionally bad Flash animations, watch all three of my "Warhammer 40k: Dawn of Awesome" cartoons. They're the kind of intentionally bad stuff I like.

This cartoon was not intentionally bad, but it was made when I was far worse at Flash. My storytelling and art skills were underdeveloped to say the least. This was in the fairly random humor category that a lot of bad Flash is, I won't lie. Your mention of "one well animated" bit made me think of the eye lasers part. At the time, I was really proud of how the sound synced up to it and the subtle-ish frame by frame color change I did. I'd say it aged about as well as anything else in the Flash - IE: not very well. The gradients all go to white too, which is kind of eye-searing.

I appreciate these reviews of old cartoons. I personally like watching my oldest stuff like this since it's fun to see how far I've come, and your reviews give me reason to revisit them.

Jeb City part 3 Jeb City part 3

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


In terms of quality it was more or less the same as the second part, although in my eyes not quite as enjoyable. I felt that this was largely due to the change in humour, as it seemed a little more childish and predictable this time round (such as the falling down at the end for example).

Regarding the sound; this time I didn't notice any crackling in the dialogue, but the issue with the sound levels of the music and the dialogue being too close on occasions remained. As a result of this I couldn't make out all of the dialogue between the two guards, something which wasn't displayed on screen in text form. The banging sound effect was also too loud and completely drowned out the dialogue. I also found a few of the sound effects to be somewhat annoying and couldn't help but wish you had chosen different ones.

Once again the issue with a line on the border occurred. This time a white one during one of the scenes at the start of the flash.

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Battosai810 responds:

Jebediah falling over at the end was actually a misguided attempt at drama - it's not uncommon for the hero to die in a noir story, and having him succumb to his bullet wounds after getting his revenge seemed appropriate. Of course, I was a very hamhanded Flash artist back then and wasn't terribly good at storytelling.

I'm pretty sure this cartoon was after I got my good microphone, but before I knew how to change sound quality in Flash. I guess I didn't know how to change sound levels either, because watching this again made me really notice how awful the audio mixing was.

Thanks for reviewing the whole series - it's interesting to go back and rewatch my oldest cartoons with a new state of mind.

Jeb City part 2 Jeb City part 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

An improvement over the first part.

Despite only being submitted a week later the quality of the flash seems to have improved considerably. The animation was much smoother, the plot was more enjoyable and there were a couple of decent, simple jokes. The only thing I felt was worse was the audio. Whilst the voice was only really bad at the start of the first part, the crackling was more consistent throughout the flash here. The sound levels of the music and the dialogue also came too close on occasions, which made it difficult to hear what was being said, so it was a good job the dialogue was also on screen. However, it did manage to detract from the plot a little. The red line issue occurred once more. This time on the bottom right of the screen during the scene with the Amish cart.

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Battosai810 responds:

The red lines happened in these early cartoons because I'd make a black box with red lines around the stage to get the color for the backdrop. Of course this was before I knew how to actually set the background to black instead of white!

The audio in these cartoons was done with a cartoonishly bad setup. I had Windows Sound Recorder and a microphone that ran on batteries. This microphone was later peed on by one of my cats, forcing me to get one that wasn't a piece of garbage.

I appreciate you reviewing these old cartoons! It's definitely a trip down memory lane.

Jeb City part 1 Jeb City part 1

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Kinda short.

What you had wasn't too bad, but there wasn't a great deal going on and I felt that it needed to be longer. I can see it was split into multiple parts and while it may be too early for me to say this (I haven't watched the other parts yet) I think it would have been better as one flash. That way the shortness issue would have been avoided. I was a bit confused by the plot as well, so I'm hoping things will be made clearer in the later parts. I'm assuming this would have made more sense if I had seen Sin City.

The quality of the voice wasn't great, which at times was a little annoying. Only really at the start though, so perhaps it just took some getting used to. The animation was also pretty choppy and during the bed scene a red line was visible on the right and top of the frame. I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know though as four years on you've improved considerably.

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Battosai810 responds:

I'm glad you've noticed that this is an old cartoon! Some people don't :(

Making all these into one cartoon would have been a bit much for me as a complete novice to Flash. The good thing is that they do get steadily better as the series goes on, but obviously they're all rather short. This Flash would make a bit more sense if you'd seen Sin City, but it's not a direct parody. It's just using similar themes and hamhandedly aping it's visual style. Glad you enjoyed this for what it is though!

A Bahamut's Xmas Tale A Bahamut's Xmas Tale

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I liked the inclusion of a Santa hat on the Bahamut sprite in the preloader. It may have only been a small change, but it was still nice to something a little different from the same old thing, it also fitted nicely with the theme of the flash and I hope subtle changes to the preloaders is something that happened regularly.

I felt that the first line in the flash could have happened a second or two earlier. The period of silence somehow felt a little too long. It also looked a little odd that all the Santa hats were the same, but resized. I feel it would have looked nicer if you'd redrawn some of them. Maybe even flipping a couple would have worked.

The scene with Satan somehow felt a little too long and I didn't find it to be particularly interesting. If it hadn't been for him being kicked out and meeting Graham, I believe the flash would have been better without him in it.

It was nice to see what some of the characters got for Christmas, although I personally would have liked to see a few more presents given out. If it was a meaningless present I don't think it would have hurt to take up an extra second or two.

Crackman's lines were of a much lower quality than everyone else's, which I felt hurt the flash a little. I also felt that somehow your Scouse accent seemed a little stronger this time round. Although perhaps that's due to me not having watched any of these for a while.

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Murray responds:


Clock Day Baconman Collab Clock Day Baconman Collab

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The Toasters are my new fave band!

The two songs on offer here were absolutely superb and the vocals were out of this world! I could listen to you guys sing all day long. I thought the menu was the whole flash at first and I would have given you a 10 just for that, it was so superb. Then I realised there were another two awesome movies within the flash, which were both equally as good as the awesome menu screen. Good job guys. I hope to see you collaborate again!

harryjarry responds:

Jamie works wonders with his taste in music! I'm sure he is proud to be the one to get you into The Toasters! Jamie and I have debated many times about putting out an album-maybe with your encouragement, we can make that a reality!

Finding out there is more than just the main menu is always like finding hidden treasure! I hope it was truly a joyous experience!

We will work together again! NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! <3

Happy Birthday Nick!! Happy Birthday Nick!!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I sure hope he was grateful!

Nick didn't look too thrilled at the start of the flash showing those teeth of his like he was ready to pounce! I saw hope those hot guys on the left won him round with the amazing dancing skills and soothing voices. I would love to hear them sing all day long! I loved the graphics on display here as well as the most superb animation. Once again you did an absolutely superb job with the music! I don't think there is anyone who could top you when it comes to that!

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harryjarry responds:

I think Nick must have been a little scared of what he might open! We always pack him a great surprise, and he knows we would never let him down! We always try to sing him happy birthday each year, but the past few years we haven't been able to put them in a flash form-real life has worked okay though!

I always put the music in that seems to fit right with me. I am extremely happy to see that others agree with my heart :)


Happy Birthday Jake!! Happy Birthday Jake!!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Jake sure knows how to dance!

Wow another absolutely incredible flash on display here. Once again everything fitted together perfectly! I loved watching Platinum dance around the screen at the start of the movie. It was something I could have quite happily watched all day! I also liked what followed and the events you decided to include went absolutely superbly with the song. Good stuff.

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harryjarry responds:

I have always wondered how Jake became such a magnificent dancer. I thought Jake would really be able to jam to the song I put in, and it appears I was right! I am sooo happy that they were able to go hand-in-hand so well.


KidneyClock Is Da King! KidneyClock Is Da King!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Funky beats.

This flash movie was absolute perfection. I could tell you spent a lot of time fine-tuning everything here. The drawing of KidneyClock was immaculate as was the funky static effect you had on display. The screenshot of the portal was also absolutely perfectly framed. I was expecting to see a screenshot of the old layout considering that this was submitted a few years ago, but it seems like the current design has been around for longer than I thought! The music was also absolutely superb and was quite literally music to my ears and I thought it fitted most terrifically with the flash. Superb job all round!

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harryjarry responds:

I am very thankful for all of your wonderful words! I know this is more than just a flash in my eyes. This flash's background has stood the test of time! Let's hope KidneyClock does the same!